Concerts (costs) give energy!

Concerts (costs) give energy!

The wonderfully positive energy that is present in a concert hall during a performance, the energy surge that your body experiences during and after a compelling concert, ... it is and remains an experience not to be missed. Or as Elvis Presley once aptly put it: "A live concert to me is exciting because of all the electricity that is generated in the crowd and on stage. It's my favorite part of the business, live concerts.”

If only there was a way to effectively pluck that sizzling atmosphere out of the air and convert it into energy, it could drop the costs of having all those concerts and events take place in Trix. Unfortunately, the techies of this world are just not there yet, so we too can't escape the rising prices of gas and electricity during this energy crisis.

Passing on these rising costs directly to our ticket buyers or the musicians who have had a financially rough time allready in recent years is something we want to avoid that at all times. That's why we're going to follow the government's recommendations and turn our thermostat down a little. If you are planning a visit to Trix soon and it feels a bit fresher than usual, then you know why. Because Trix is ​​a cool place, isn't it? ;-)

But don't worry, it's also a good reason to dance a little more in Trix. In a still sufficiently ventilated room, because of course we will not skimp on that.

“Why don't you place solar panels on your roof?”, we now hear you think en masse. Rightly so. We rolled out these plans in collaboration with the city of Antwerp long before this crisis and if everything goes according to schedule (fingers crossed), they will be neatly in place in the course of 2023. Renewable energy has therefore been of great importance to Trix from the start in 2004. Over the years we have continued to implement changes and optimisations. And we will continue to do so, it is more important than ever.

In this way we further secure the future of Trix and we are diving head first into our new concert season. So come over and quickly recharge those inner batteries in Trix!

Team Trix