Go to a top concert for just €5? HIFIVE!

Go to a top concert for just €5? HIFIVE!

(picture: Flyying Colours - 06.09.23 - HiFive, Trix Café)

HiFive are concerts in the Trix Café with international bands that do not yet have too much name recognition, but in our opinion are extremely interesting and on the verge of breaking through.

Tell and take your friends

The entrance fee is deliberately kept low at €5. However, if you buy more than one ticket in advance, they get even cheaper! For example, you will pay only €15 for five tickets (€9 for 2, €12 for 3, €14 for 4). Quality does not always have to be expensive.

Convinced? Meet up with those music-loving friends, because what could be more fun than discovering new bands together in a café and talking about it later on about being there when they were still on Trix's smallest stage? HiFive!

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