(picture: ©Paco Weekenstroo - Dead Stop - December 30, 2007)


The annual Antwerp Art Weekend will take place from Thursday 26 to Sunday 29 May. In that context, you can visit the exhibition 'This Place Could Be Your Life - LINTFABRIEK ARCHIVES 1982-2007'  in the Venushal of the Royal Academy of Fine Arts Antwerp.

In this exhibition you will gain insight into the rich history of Het Lintfabriek, a youth center that for a long time was a free haven for alternative youth culture in the outskirts of Antwerp (Kontich). As an international crossroad for alternative music and a hotspot of talent, the youth center is far from forgotten almost 15 years after its closure. Take one look at the impressive concert list during the exhibition or in the book and you'll know why.

The expo is an extension of the book about the youth center that will be presented during the same weekend. The official book presentation will take place on Thursday, May 26 at 7.30 pm on the opening day of the expo, with an introduction by writer Jeroen Olyslaegers, who also expresses his love for the magical place in the book.

If you pre-ordered the book, you can pick it up during the four days of the expo. The book will also be for sale there for €45.95 and afterwards also on lintfabriek.com and in a selection of bookstores (more info soon).


  • 'This Place Could Be Your Life - LINTFABRIEK ARCHIVES 1982-2007' (expo)
  • From Thursday 26 May to Sunday 29 May
  • Opening hours:
    - Thursday, May 26 from 12 to 10 pm, with the book presentation at 7.30 pm with Jeroen Olyslaegers
    - Friday 27, Saturday 28 & Sunday 29 May from 12 am to 6 pm
  • Free admission
  • Royal Academy of Fine Arts Antwerp
    Mutsaardstraat 31, 2000 Antwerp

/ About the book project

A story about a hotspot of young talent on the outskirts of the city. A space where talent could develop and show. An old factory where young people were given the space to set up their own operation in complete freedom and on their own.

Eric Bouwens, Peter Daems and Katrijn Sermeus found each other in the ambition to write down and share this special story of Het Lintfabriek. Since 2019 they have been working on organizing the archive, collecting information and anecdotes and sharpening the history.

Please note: this book is (spoiler) not the definitive story. Given the continuous flow of personal and meaningful anecdotes, it cannot be. The book does try to capture the feeling of a shared past and a shared zeitgeist. At the same time, it is an encouragement to continue the conversation. A conversation about the many international bands that stopped in Kontich on their tour through Europe, the different subcultures that felt at home there, the first love, the first volunteering, the first concert on and in front of the stage ...

More info about the book: www.lintfabriek.com

/ About Antwerp Art Weekend

Antwerp Art Weekend is a city-wide manifestation for contemporary visual art in Antwerp, where art spaces in and around the city come together to celebrate and further promote contemporary art as a valuable and essential part of society.

Antwerp Art Weekend is the best way to experience the city and its thriving art scene, with a huge amount of galleries, art spaces and museums to discover. Rooms pull out all the stops to offer an extensive program with numerous extra activities.

More information about Antwerp Art Weekend: antwerpartweekend.be


This project is supported by an enthusiastic team of volunteers, guided by the Royal Academy of Fine Arts, Het Bos and Trix.