Rewatch '(Don't) mind the future'

Rewatch '(Don't) mind the future'

(Don’t) Mind The Future

Five conversations about the future of the music industry

Five days, five conversations, five themes. During the Week of Belgian Music, we focused on the future of the Belgian music industry. VI.BE, Het Depot, OLT Rivierenhof and Trix have put together a program to inspire you and bring new insights.

Rewatch the conversations here

08.02 12:30 - 13:30

How digital is the music industry in 2025?

Digitization was of the utmost importance in the past year. Many progressive initiatives emerged from this chaos. Are we leaving these behind in the corona era? Is this the start of an evolution for our music industry?

Keynote: Aly Gillani (Label Representative Bandcamp)


Fredo De Smet (Media & Culture Fast Forward)

Ineke Daans (Head of [PIAS] Branded Communications)

Birger De Geyter (Co-founder META, Commercial Director & e-sports Expert)

Hervé Verloes (Director XR Production Poolpio, immersive content studio)

Moderator: Noonah Eze (Dj Black Mamba)


09.02 12:30 - 13:30

The economic impact of the corona crisis: how strong do we start the relance?

How big will the economic damage be of the Belgian music industry after 2020? A diverse number of players from the industry demonstrate the impact on their organization.

Keynote: Kurt Melens (Managing Director Trade Fair)


Herman Schueremans (Rock Werchter / Live Nation)

Christian Pierre (Founder Musickness)

Coralie Berael (Venue Manager Forest National)

Toon Martens (Managing Director Sony Music)

Moderator: Mike Naert (Het Depot, Live Sector Consultation, Crisis Cell Culture)


10.02 12:30 - 13:30

What's the impact of the Belgian music culture on our society?

What can we learn about Belgian music culture in a period without physical experience? In this conversation, several experts within the industry pool their expertise. If the Belgian music culture does have a positive effect on our community, how do we ensure that it stays that way?

Keynote: Tom Kestens (Artist & Strategy Consultant, Advisor to Minister Vandenbroucke)


Rrita Jashari (VK Programmer)

Frederik Sioen (Coordinator Arts Consultation Ghent)

Flor Houter (Aid worker JAC Flemish Brabant)

Lady Blaxx (Musician)

Moderator: Annelies Moons (Radio 1)


11.02 12:30 - 13:30

Towards an inclusive live sector

Inclusivity is the new normal, but as a live sector we are falling short. We urgently need to do something about that. How can we get away from the tick-box culture, and how can we tackle it more sustainably instead? Experts discuss together and lay the foundation for a roadmap. This is a guideline that can lead to an inclusive live sector. VI.BE, Het Depot, Trix and OLT are committed and invite everyone to join.

Keynote: Bart Rogé (Director Demos)

New voices: Preview by Koolcast with extra guest DJ Masai (banker, DJ and entrepreneur)

Listen to Koolcast from Wednesday 3 February at 7 pm on their YouTube channel.


Mehdi Maréchal (Coordinator Darna)

Elisabeth Severino Fernandes (Founder of Mama's Open Mic)

Rachida Lamrabet (sCan & Do Social Performing Arts Fund)

Dieter Sermeus (General Coordinator TRIX)

Moderator: Jaouad Alloul


12.02 12:30 - 13:30

Musical conclusion

To conclude the week, we look back on the previous conversations. We bring out the strongest, most striking quotes and ideas, and look for an appropriate conclusion for this inspiring week.

Interviews with Jan Jambon, Frank Vandenbroucke & Hilde Crevits


Leen Laconte (Director oKo)

Esther Lybeert (Musician)

Jan Van Esbroeck (CEO Sportpaleis Group)

Mike Naert (Het Depot, Live Sector Consultation, Crisis Cell Culture)

Moderator: Jan Pauly (VI.BE)


Artwork by Tijsje Revalk ♡