TRIX PODCAST / 'Bestemming Bereikt'

TRIX PODCAST / 'Bestemming Bereikt'

We secretly wanted to podcast for a long time. And here it finally is! In Bestemming Bereikt, Mathilde Luijten makes a road trip through the music industry. She talks to interesting figures about often underexposed subjects, and picks up inspiration for herself and for you.

You can listen to the podcast on Spotify, Apple Podcasts en Soundcloud.

Episode 1. Fien Deman (Ivy Falls): "Ik spring niet zomaar, hè."

We kick our new trip off with Fien Deman. She has her own band (Ivy Falls), her own company (Tap Tap Club) and therefore definitely her own will. But where did it all start for Fien? And how does her music career fit in with all the communication projects she takes on? Mathilde talks to her about it, and suddenly they're talking about self-employment statuses and starting companies! In short: a must-listen for those who think of a career in the music industry.

Aflevering 2. Michaël Verschaeve: "Niet elke release moet perfect zijn."
You know Michaël Verschaeve as the drummer of The Van Jets (Johannes is his brother!), but did you know he's also a music psychologist? We're asking him everything about that in Bestemming Bereikt. Because what does a music psychologist do? And is there a market for this in Belgium? Here's where you should be for a bunch of tips on mental health!


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