The firm, infectious beats and the dreamy, eccentric voice of SPACEBABYMADCHA (aka SBM) have already made them an icon within the Belgian hip-hop scene. Combine that with their unbeatable flow and the power that it radiates. Trust us, you won't be able to get them out of your head. You can only reinforce that with songs like 'RUN' and 'Woke Up In A Dream'. The new EP CYCLES will be coming soon.

“Everything that I find difficult to articulate or structure in real life, I express in my music. My art is a summary of my insights, of the randomness of life and of my emotions. I see myself as non-binary and so does my music. No boxes. Only expression.”

As a resident in trix, SPACEBABYMADCHA will mainly work on the live set, rehearse and of course record new music in the studio, where it will hold writing sessions with various producers.

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