Beatmaking met Corrupted

Beatmaking met Corrupted

This course is postponed

ATTENTION! Because of the current situation regarding COVID-19 and the new stricter measures of both the National Security Council and the Provincial Crisis Cell, this workshop is postponed to a later date.


In 3 courses, you'll learn the different forms and roles a beatmaker can be, the techniques and ways to create a personal sound and how you can apply this practically. You will get a bunch of creative tools in the form of: 


  • What is sampling?
  • Why would you use sampling? 
  • How do you start to sample?
  • Are there different ways of sampling? 
  • Samplers & other tools
  • The legal "gray zone"
  • Hands on manipulation of samples.

Interpolation & effects 

  • What is interpolation and why is it an important tool? 
  • The use of both sampling and interpolation
  • Distorting sounds by creative use of effects 

Beats for specific goals

  • The role of a beatmaker vs a producer
  • Beatmaking for pop, electronic music production, ... 
  • Mixing & polishing 


For who?

No basic knowledge required. The minimum age is 15 years.

6, 13 and 20 August, from 19h30 to 22h30

Youniss Ahamad (Corrupted)

€ 93,50 for all courses (service fees included).
15% discount if you are younger than 26 years old.

This course is given on iMacs with Ableton 10.
Please note that this course is given in Dutch.