Benjamin Abel & The Unrequired Love
We Are Open 2022

Benjamin Abel & The Unrequired Love

Upcoming opera director and countertenor Benjamin Abel Meirhaeghe and versatile composer, curator Laurens Mariën (ex-Soldiers Heart, Dolly Bing Bing) teamed up again for a radical electronic album and accompanying show.  

Their operatic dada-blues-punkpop lends itself perfectly to the mystical and theatrical love ritual they had in mind. ‘SPECTACLES’ is their brand new album and performance, including dance, a whole light show and triple load of smoke.

MUSIC Laurens Mariën, Benjamin Abel Meirhaeghe
STYLING Paule Josephe
REC. MUSICIANS Lander Gyselinck, Mattias De Craene, David Numwami, Jasper Segers

PARTNERS: Ancienne Belgique / Muziektheater Transparant /Kunstencentrum Vooruit / detheatermaker / STUK / DeStudio / Pilar/ C-tact Recorded, produced and mixed by Jasper Segers
Art Direction: Charles Dhondt