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We use YouTube, Flickr,, Vimeo,... as sources of online content. Since user agreements of all these services state that their content can not violate any intellectual ownership rights, we assume that this is the case. If unknowingly we violate any intellectual property rights, please contact us as soon as possible, so we can remove the disputed content or add the correct source.

We aim to provide correct and reliable information on our website. We can not be held accountable for incorrect or incomplete information on this website. Contacting us is always possible.

We can not be held accountable for malfunctioning of this website and possible direct or indirect losses caused by this. We reserve the right to limit or block access to the website under certain circumstances.

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Although we use all possible means to secure the safe transmission of your personal data, transmitting personal data remains at your own risk.

Only Belgian law is applicable. Any dispute arising from the use of this website falls under the exclusive jurisdiction of the judicial district of Antwerp.

This website is accessible for recent computers with common software. Trix does not guarantee compatibility and can not be held accountable for the inability to access the website.

It is forbidden to force access to parts of the website that are not publicly visible. It is also prohibited to edit the website, add or remove items.

All prices listed on our website include VAT.

Payments for tickets or the rent of rehearsal spaces are made through our reliable partner Mollie.


1. Trix sells tickets for its events using software provided by Ticketmatic.

2. We only guarantee access to events with tickets purchased at official or Trix-licensed sales channels. Tickets bought at other places could be fake, duplicates and/or overpriced. In these cases, Trix can not be held accountable.

3. The person who purchases the tickets will be considered the only buyer. Only he/she is bound to pay, even if the tickets have to be delivered to a third party.

4. The tickets will be temporarily reserved at the time you place an order. The tickets will only be sent after receipt of the correct payment. The tickets will be released again if the order and payment were not completed properly.

5. Tickets will be sent by e-mail to the address indicated on the order form.

6. The tickets and the reservation costs can be paid by bankcard (bancontact/Mister Cash), creditcard or iDeal.

7. Sold tickets will not be refunded by Trix, except the event of cancellation or cases described in articles 8, 9 and 10 of these conditions.

8. If an event is cancelled, tickets will be refunded automatically by Trix.

9. If an event is rescheduled to another date, customers can use their tickets on the new date, or can have their money repaid. Refunded tickets are no longer valid.

10. Repayment of tickets includes the full value of the tickets (including reservation costs).

11. There is no minimum age limit for our concerts unless this is specified on the concert’s page on our website. If you are younger than 16, we do expect you to be accompanied by an adult (+18).

12. Trix employs all reasonable means to keep information on its website complete, correct and up-to-date. It does not, however, provide any guarantees in this regard and cannot be held liable for the direct or indirect damages suffered as a result of visiting or using the website, unless the persons affected can demonstrate intention or negligence on the part of Trix. Trix is not liable for circumstances beyond one's control that delay or hinder this agreement. The following are regarded as circumstances beyond one's control (the list is not exhaustive): strikes, natural disasters, flooding, fire, takeover, extreme weather conditions, government measures and technical defects. Trix does not need to provide proof of the unforeseeable or the unavoidable nature of this type of circumstance.

13. The customer agrees to provide correct, accurate, up-to-date and complete personal information as requested on the registration form. Trix reserves the right to suspend or refuse the transaction if it has reasons to suspect that the information is not accurate, is incomplete or is out-of-date. These details may be stored in order to guarantee that its services function efficiently. They may also be used by the organiser for marketing purposes. Every customer able to prove their identity may access their personal details and modify them provided that permission has been requested in advance in a dated and signed letter.

14. These general conditions apply to the full, contractual relationship between Trix and the customer and preclude the customer’s general conditions. Any modifications to or deviations from these conditions or any additions must be contained within a written agreement. The failure of Trix to exercise the rights set out in these general conditions cannot be regarded as a departure from the right to do so in the future. Trix retains the right to amend these general conditions at any moment without providing prior notification. The amendments will come into force from the moment they appear on the website, unless agreed otherwise. The relationship between the customer and Trix will only be subject to Belgian Law. Any disputes will be heard before the competent courts of law in Antwerp. Parties explicitly accept electronic resources (e-mail, fax,…) as evidence in terms of their mutual relationship.

Usage of imagery gathered in Trix

At our venue, atmosphere pictures are made which are then published on our website and/or social media. If you would like to be removed from a specific picture then this is possible upon simple request. Contact us at, describe the picture in question and we will comply with your request at the earliest opportunity.

If dedicated pictures are made, then we will ask for your verbal consent. If you so wish then the picture can be removed upon simple request. Contact us at and describe the picture in question.

At our venue, footage is shot that can be published online, on social media, in print or shown on TV. There is always a chance you may be filmed. By entering our venue you are waiving your portrait rights.