DE FAKKEL (LIVE) / WarmthThrough Music

DE FAKKEL (LIVE) / WarmthThrough Music

At the end of March 2020 (during the first Corona lockdown) we launched a new project 'De Fakkel' on Instagram. Every evening around 7 pm, a Belgian musician covered another and passed the torch. The torch passed through the living rooms of Sylvie Kreusch, Admiral Freebee, Portland, De Mens, Glints, blackwave., Absynthe Minded, Bazart, Het Zesde MetaalLady Linn and many more.

During the first week of May, we focused on producers. In collaboration with Champion Sound, we slightly adapted the concept to 'De Fakkel x CS'. Every day producers challenged each other to tackle and sample a different Belgian song. Corrupted (sample: Tamino), Tsar B (sample: Red Zebra), Susobrino (sample: De Boomhut), Polar Youth (sample: Brihang), Faisal (sample: Charlotte Adigéry), Pippin '(sample: De Beren Gieren) and Amos (sample: Siglo XX) happily participated.

The torch was eventually passed 50 times. It gained a lot of views on our social media channels and it was even discussed during the VRT news.

Thanks to its success, we refused to extinguish the torch. Together with the Borgerhout District, the City of Antwerp and a few local partners, we've put together a real live project: 'De Fakkel Live'. A musical listening tour at five locations in Borgerhout. But unfortunately the Coronavirus threw a spanner in the works again, even before the first sold-out edition could start.

But don't worry, we will resume this project as soon as possible. Because the torch is still burning ...