MYSTIC KIDS / Community

MYSTIC KIDS / Community

Mystic Kids is a competition for young creators. Between November 20 and December 18, we challenged young creators to keep creating. Ten coaches challenged them in 5 categories.

The result is not even the most important aspect. Hopefully Mystic Kids will become a community that finds, understands and influences each other. The coaches awarded their favorite per category with € 1000, which they can invest in a future project.

You could make a beat with a sample from your favorite children's series, rap about your birthplace, write a song, create the artwork for your imaginary record that summarized your 2020 or shoot the new video clip for Eefje De Visser's 'Maak Het Stil'.

More than 50 creative makers submitted an entry. View all submissions and discover the winners on

The inspiration for Mystic Kids was the artwork by Anne-Mie Van Kerckhove (AMVK). Mystic Kids is a light wall with computer print that focuses like a mirror on the transcendent voyage of discovery of every young person, through the positive and the negative. Along the black holes of the eyes, where everything enters and also exits, a multicolored world is built up of mysterious distances, big cities and melancholy, but above all with promises of creativity, intensity, friendship and group spirit.