Recording studio


Looking for a suitable recording studio to record a demo (*), vocals or an entire album in the Antwerp region? In our studio, an extremely sympathetic and professional studio technician will guide you through the entire recording process.

In addition to renting the studio for a specific period or project, it is also possible to reserve the studio per hour (with a minimum of a 2-hour session). You only pay € 30 per hour, including a technician. In order to book the studio please send an email to


Come and record a full demo in our studio, in one day, for just € 250, including personal guidance and technician? Sounds too good to be true, right? But it's possible! Find out all about it here.

Following bands and artists have recorded in the music studio in the past:
M. Ward, Mintzkov, The Go Find, School is Cool, Psycho 44, The Bony King Of Nowhere, Stijn, The Hickey Underworld, Bliksem, Tim Vanhamel, Jef Neve, Sukilove, Mauro Pawlowski, Motek, Styrofoam, Confuse The Cat, John Birdsong, Marcel Van Thilt, Fixkes, Tram, Blackie & The Oohoos, Johannes Verschaeve, ...