Disabled visitors


The Trix building is accessible for wheelchair users and is equipped with adaptive toilets. We do not have any seating capacity (unless specifically stated on the event page), or elevated spots for an optimal view. 

There is no subdivision between certain ranks in terms of standing places in ticket sales.

Trix Bar & Club
These venues are located at the first floor and are easily accessible by elevator. 

Trix Café & Zaal
Located on the ground floor, these venues are also easily accessible. The Zaal (main hall) itself consists of different levels, equipped with ramps for wheelchair users.

Rehearsal spaces and Studio
These facilities are located in the basemant area, which is accessible by elevator or through the underground car park. 

BLIND & Visually inpaired VISITORS

If you want to attend a concert with a guide dog, please contact us: info@trixonline.be

Do you have difficulties to stand up for a longer time?

Our team members always do their utmost best to provide you with an optimal Trix experience. However, this can differ per concert or event (in terms of set-up). For that reason, we kindly ask you to contact us at least one week in advance via info@trixonline.be. Together we will look at the most optimal setting to make your Trix visit as pleasant as possible.


If you have special needs concerning your visit to Trix, please contact us one week in advance by sending us an e-mail: info@trixonline.be. We will do out utmost to help you as much as possible.