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Thu.07.Nov.2019 / 18u30

Pioneers of the New York hardcore scene. Read More

Mon.11.Nov.2019 / 19u30

Blasting punk/rock band around actor Jamie Campbell Bower. Will release a new album soon! Read More

Tue.19.Nov.2019 / 19u30
AUGUST BURNS RED us + ERRA us + Currents us
'10 year Constellations tour' - MCLX

The best American metalcore. Will celebrate the 10th anniversary of 'Constellations'. Read More

Sat.23.Nov.2019 / 19u30

One of the most unique and forward-thinking bands from the broad punk scene. Is after four years of radio silence back with album In The Spirit World Now. Read More

Sat.30.Nov.2019 / 19u30

Messy moshpits, heavy hardcore and a new album: A Different Shade Of Blue. Read More

Mon.02.Dec.2019 / 19u30

They combine hardcore punk with stoner riffs. Lars Ulrich (Metallica): "incredibly good, they blew my head off." Read More

Wed.12.Feb.2020 / 19u30

From 70s hardrock to psychedelica, heavy metal and spacerock. Will celebrate their most successful album Powertrip! Read More

Fri.06.Mar.2020 / 18u00

The unstoppable cult and fuzz rock machine conquers Belgium with their highly acclaimed mini festival-series! Read More