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Sat.22.Sep.2018 / 19u00

Belgium's fastest growing metal band for the first time with their full show production (dvd registration!). Read More

Tue.25.Sep.2018 / 19u00

Bizarre black metal meets shoegaze meets ambient meets postrock. Read More

Wed.03.Oct.2018 / 19u00

Halestorm is a hard rock band from Pennsylvania (US), well known for their near non-stop touring. Read More

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Sun.04.Nov.2018 / 19u00

Kataklysm and Hypocrisy are coming to Trix with the “Death Is Only The Beginning…”-tour for a double headline show! Read More

Thu.08.Nov.2018 / 19u00

Godsmack is back with the same American heavy metal and a new bulldozer of a record 'When Legend Rises' Read More

Fri.09.Nov.2018 / 19u00

The Allman Brothers and Metallica meeting up, getting drunk, raising some hell and then crashing into a big brawl together, only to have Robert Johnson break it all up. Read More

Fri.16.Nov.2018 / 19u00

American alternative metal band with powerful live shows. New sixth album: Attention Attention. Read More

Fri.16.Nov.2018 / 19u30

The Antwerp metal band is presenting their new EP called 'Era'. Read More

Fri.23.Nov.2018 / 19u00

The "Trident's Curse" tour of three legends from the black metal scene. Read More

Wed.05.Dec.2018 / 19u30

American metalcore and (post)hardcore outfit. Last album: "True View". Read More

Sun.09.Dec.2018 / 19u00

Tremonti is the band of the founder & guitarist from Creed and Alter Bridge: Mark Thomas Tremonti. Read More

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Sun.03.Feb.2019 / 17u30

The Finns from Amorphis have been around for over 25 years and bring melodic black-, folk-, and death/doom-metal. New album: ‘Queen of Time’. Read More

Sun.24.Feb.2019 / 17u00

Fans of folk metal know enough when reading these band names: this (party) evening is not to be missed! Read More