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Tue.22.Jan.2019 / 19u00

Catchy death 'n roll, wrapped in a theatrical show. Read More

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Fri.01.Feb.2019 / 19u00

Amaranthe’s “The Helix World Tour 2019” stops by in Antwerp for a night of intens power metal. Read More

Sun.03.Feb.2019 / 17u30

The Finns from Amorphis have been around for over 25 years and bring melodic black-, folk-, and death/doom-metal. New album: ‘Queen of Time’. Read More

Sat.23.Feb.2019 / 19u00

Two iconic bands from the Nu Metal era. Hits: Alive (P.O.D.) & Smooth Criminal (Alien Ant Farm) Read More

Sun.24.Feb.2019 / 17u00

Fans of folk metal know enough when reading these band names: this (party) evening is not to be missed! Read More

Sun.10.Mar.2019 / 19u00

The incredibly popular symphonic metalband Kamelot released their 12th studio album ‘The Shadow Theory’ this year. Read More

Tue.12.Mar.2019 / 19u30

Sólstafir will tour for one last time through Europe with their The Midnight Sun: a Light in the Storm tour. Read More

Wed.13.Mar.2019 / 19u00

Godsmack is back with the same American heavy metal and a new bulldozer of a record 'When Legend Rises' Read More

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Mon.25.Mar.2019 / 19u30

These Germans have been hitting the international hard & heavy scene with their mix of progressive and post metal. Read More

Wed.10.Apr.2019 / 19u00

The Swedish masters of melodic death metal are releasing new music! Read More

Thu.30.May.2019 / 19u30

Post-rock construction, black metal dynamics, hardcore energy, prog and math-rock. Between Slayer and Savages. Read More