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Tue.24.Sep.2019 / 18u00

With more than 30 years of experience, these three legendary trash metal-band will go on tour together. Read More

Sat.05.Oct.2019 / 18u30

Rivers Of Nihil is one of the most promising and forward-thinking metal bands in the world today. Read More

Sun.06.Oct.2019 / 18u00

The surviving members of STATIC-X's original lineup will embark on the "Wisconsin Death Trip" 20th-anniversary tour. Read More

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Wed.30.Oct.2019 / 19u00

A night with the top of the international black metal scene. Read More

Sun.10.Nov.2019 / 19u00

With Eluveitie and Lacuna Coil two metal heroes will light up our hall during the 'ATEGNATOS EUROPEAN TOUR 2019'! Read More

Sat.16.Nov.2019 / 19u00

Progressive metal and melodic rock with influences from jazz, blues and progrock. Read More

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Tue.19.Nov.2019 / 19u30
AUGUST BURNS RED us + ERRA us + Currents us
'10 year Constellations tour' - MCLX

The best American metalcore. Will celebrate the 10th anniversary of 'Constellations'. Read More

Wed.27.Nov.2019 / 19u30

Kings of post metal. Will release a long awaited new record in 2019. Read More

Wed.27.Nov.2019 / 22u00

Dark and heavy post metal from Antwerp. Read More

Fri.06.Dec.2019 / 19u30

Metalcore with a hint of gothic and industrial. Will release a new record in 2019! Read More

Sun.08.Dec.2019 / 18u00

One of the most respected bands from the progressive metal scene. Read More

Fri.13.Dec.2019 / 18u30

Two legendary bands from the melodic death metal scene. Read More

Sat.14.Dec.2019 / 19u00
Victorious Tour / Biebob

Skillet is an American Christian rock band formed in Memphis, Tennessee. Read More

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Sun.15.Dec.2019 / 19u00
Victorious Tour / Biebob

Skillet is an American Christian rock band formed in Memphis, Tennessee. Read More

Sat.21.Dec.2019 / 18u30

One of the loudest and most important bands of the "New Wave of Swedish deathmetal". Read More

Sun.19.Jan.2020 / 18u30
European Galactic Terror Tour - Biebob

Top entertainment and power metal singalongs. Read More

Sun.26.Jan.2020 / 19u30

Black metal ico and ex guitarist/vocalist of Immortal, releases new album Outstrider. Read More

Tue.28.Jan.2020 / 19u30

Energetic metalcore. Will return to Trix after a sold out Bar show! Read More

Wed.05.Feb.2020 / 19u00

The legendary true heavy metal heroes of Hammerfall will return to Trix for a sixth time! Read More

Sun.01.Mar.2020 / 19u30

American metalcore band who is known for his catchy songs, loud guitars and cynic lyrics. Read More

Fri.06.Mar.2020 / 18u30

The music of Starset is generally labelled ‘rock’, with influences ranging from djent, EDM and symphonics to ambient. Read More