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Thu.30.Mar.2017 / 19u30

The Dutch indierockers recorded their new album in dEUS' Vantage Point studio with Arne 'Styrofoam' van Petegem as the producer. Read More

Wed.12.Apr.2017 / 19u00

Since forming in 2012 this London based indiefolk trio have built a fervent fanbase through their live shows and a dedicated DIY aesthetic. Read More

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Wed.17.May.2017 / 19u30

British Sea Power are an indie / new wave rock band based in Brighton, England. Presenting the new album 'Let The Dancers Inherit The Party'. Read More

Sat.20.May.2017 / 19u30

Some bands take the easier route, and then there is Mew, making music as layered and expansive as it is charismatic and melodic. Read More

Sun.28.May.2017 / 19u30

Broken Social Scene is a Canadian indie rock band, a musical collective including as few as six and as many as nineteen members. Read More

Thu.01.Jun.2017 / 19u30

The Dutch indie pop star Suus de Groot presents the new album 'Wanderland' with her band Sue The Night. Read More

Thu.01.Jun.2017 / 21u00

This concert in the Trix Café is free and starts around 10 pm. Read More

Sat.22.Jul.2017 / 14u00

The third edition of the innovative, fresh and sexy music festival in the heart of Borgerhout, including a party night Trix! Read More

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