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Thu.13.Sep.2018 / 19u30

Endlessly getting lost in a psychedelic trip on his last record 'Rare Birds'. Read More

Tue.02.Oct.2018 / 19u30

The energetic pop/rock band Against The Current is back! Read More

Wed.17.Oct.2018 / 19u30

With their 90s noise rock riffs and primal screams, It It Anita might be one of Belgium's loudest bands. Read More

Thu.08.Nov.2018 / 19u00

Godsmack is back with the same American heavy metal and a new bulldozer of a record 'When Legend Rises' Read More

Fri.09.Nov.2018 / 19u00

The Allman Brothers and Metallica meeting up, getting drunk, raising some hell and then crashing into a big brawl together, only to have Robert Johnson break it all up. Read More

Sat.17.Nov.2018 / 19u30

White Denim is a bluesy, jazzy, garage-rock trio, hailing from Austin, Texas USA. New album: 'Performance'. Read More

Sat.01.Dec.2018 / 19u00
MC50 us

MC5 legend Wayne Kramer is celebrating his debut with a supergroup including members of Soundgarden, Fugazi, King's X and Zen Guerilla. Read More