[+]dEUS[+] [-]plays The Ideal Crash[-] + Lili Grace
Third show!

dEUS plays The Ideal Crash + Lili Grace

Antwerps finest celebrates the 20th anniversary of their masterpiece 'The Ideal Crash' in their hometown.

- 7.30pm: doors open
- 8.00pm: Lili Grace
- 9.00pm: dEUS (the expected end time is 10.30 pm)
free aftershow with Endlingr in the Trix Café after the dEUS concert, click here for more info
(this schedule is subjected to last minute changes)

dEUS be

dEUS is an alternative/experimental rock band based and formed in Antwerp, Belgium. dEUS’s lineup has changed frequently, with only singer and guitarist Tom Barman and multi-instrumentalist Klaas Janszoons remaining from the original setting. The other current members are guitarist and vocalist Mauro Pawlowski, bassist Alan Gevaert and drummer Stephane Misseghers. The Band, whose songs are primarily sung in English, performed their first concert on November 20th, 1989. The band displayed a bewildering array of influences, including Can, Captain Beefheart, Mingus-styled jazz, J.J. Cale, Leonard Cohen and Velvet Underground. Consequently, they incorporate a wide variety of styles into their work. dEUS have become one of the most successful (and influential) Belgian rock bands. Many musicians became well-known after having been members of dEUS: Stef-Kamil Carlens (Moondog Jr., Zita Swoon), Rudy Trouvé (Kiss My Jazz), Danny Mommens (Vive La Fête), Craig Ward (The Love Substitutes), Jules de Borgher and Tim Vanhamel (Millionaire, solo). The current line-up (as from the album Pocket Revolution) includes Mauro Pawlowski (who became famous as solo artist and before with the band Evil Superstars) on guitars and vocals, Alan Gevaert on bass and Stephane Misseghers on drums. Erik Drew Feldman and David Bottrill have acted as producers. dEUS has made 7 studio albums up to now: Worst Case Scenario (1994), In A Bar, Under The Sea (1996), The Ideal Crash (1999) Pocket Revolution (2005) Vantage Point (April 21st 2008) Keep You Close (September 20st 2011) Following Sea (June 1st 2012) Other releases include: My Sister = My Clock (1995) and No More Loud Music - The Singles (2001), a best-of compilation. Before Pocket Revolution (2005), dEUS took a "sabbatical" for over 6 years. In these years, Barman was busy with his second passion: film. He wrote and directed Anyway The Wind Blows, a movie received well by critics in Belgium. The key-song of the soundtrack for the film was Summer's Here by Magnus, a project by Tom Barman together with CJ Bolland. More info can be found on their official website, www.deus.be

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Lili Grace b

Two Belgian sisters, Nelle and Dienne, bring eclectic pop music combining electronic with traditional instruments. Lili Grace developed a style that combines double vocals with freaky cello madness to dirty beats. Their sound builds up to a burst of energy. These two promising young artists released their first EP in 2015. They have been the support act for revered artists such as Trentemöller, Coco Rosie and Nils Frahm. Constantly following their gut and creating music they're passionate about. The sisters surprise us with a fresh and unique perspective on today's musical landscape. Lili Grace is worth keeping an eye on. Read more on Last.fm. User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional terms may apply.

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