Frankie Fame
/ ROOFTOP concert

Frankie Fame

Frankie Fame presents his album and accompanying cosmic universe in an exclusive ROOFTOP concert.

/ 6 pm: Denmark - Belgium (EC, big screen in Trix Café)
/ 7.30 pm: Trix Club doors open
/ 8:30 pm: Frankie Fame
/ After the concert, the Trix Café is open until 11 p.m. (catering closes at 10.30 p.m.)

For fans of

Prince / Bombataz / George Clinton

Frankie Fame

Interstellar poster-boy Frankie Fame is a natural born performer, multi-instrumentalist and ecstatic dancer. With catchy hooks and quirky grooves held together with a homemade brand of cosmic glue, Frankie Fame is aiming to create a world of his own that’s both accessible and expanding. Aiming big but staying real, Frankie Fame is made to stay!

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