Marlon Craft

Marlon Craft

This concert is unfortunately cancelled.

Statement Marlon Craft:

"To my European fans,

Firstly, and to be clear, this is me (Marlon) writing this. I want to deeply apologize for having to cancel this show - I appreciate beyond words that you bought a ticket to see me play these songs all the way across the world - your support is never taken for granted on this side.

Transparency has always been my thing with y’all, in my music and otherwise, so transparently: the circumstances of the world, my business, and my life have made it such that at this time, doing only the London show was what I could handle as a completely independent and self-run artist in order to still perform at a high level. A decision to disappoint you, the people who make my life possible, is not something done lightly, and I’m disappointed to not be performing for y’all next month. 

I won’t hit you with the “this was all completely out of my control” - though a lot of it is (it’s a wild time in the world and for touring), I take full responsibility always.

I will be back next year to do it right - I hope I’ll still see you there! Stay tuned.

Appreciate your understanding."


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