Trix Jam
/ Met de muzikanten van Blackwave., Coely, Dvtch Norris.

Trix Jam

Always wanted to jam with the musicians of Blackwave., Coely and Dvtch Norris?

A jam session with the musicians of Blackwave., Coely, Dvtch Norris and our own artist in residence: Collective Conscience. That promises to be a pretty groovy evening in our Trix Café! The band opens at 9 pm and the jam session starts at 10 pm. Take your instrument with you if you want to join in and jam along!

The live band consists of Jarno Verheyen (keys), David Idrisov (bass), Bram Vanhove (Drums), Dries Henderickx (guitar), Luuk Hof (trumpet) and Egor Doubay (sax).

/ 7.00pm - 9.00pm: DJ Brett Summers
/ 9.00pm - 10.00pm: Collective Conscience + guests
/ 10.00pm - 11.00pm: jam session
/ 11.00pm - ... : DJ Brett Summers (afterparty)