'Dokter Trix': Money Talk

'Dokter Trix': Money Talk

Get one-on-one advice from the music industry's best experts!

Is there a doctor in the room? Yes, even several! Do you have a pressing question about promotion, management, finances, bookings, playing opportunities or do you need some feedback? Consult the best experts in the music sector and have a one-on-one conversation!

Money talk

How do you make money with your music now? How do non-profit organizations work? What about the reform from KVR to AKV and what does that mean for me? How do you create invoices and ensure that you are financially in order?

The doctors are here on November 8th from 13h to 17h. A session lasts 20 minutes.

Book a session with: 
- Silke Bergans (VI.BE)
- Lucas Declercq (VI.BE)
- Michael-John Joosen (Amplo)