Book about youth club Het Lintfabriek / ARCHIVE


For 25 years (1982 - 2007) The Lintfabriek was a free haven for alternative youth culture in the outskirts of Antwerp (Kontich), an international crossroad for alternative music and a breeding point of talent. On a few square meters, young people were given the freedom and power to set up their own organisation. Not only a visionary thing to do, but also courageous from a village in the outskirts.

Several enthusiasts with a strong bond with the youth club have been working for several months to organize the archive of Het Lintfabriek, collect information and anecdotes and focus on the history. In the margins, the interest of the Royal Academy of Fine Arts, Het Bos and Trix to support this story also grew. The different layers in this story make the book unique.

Houses such as Het Bos and Trix sometimes originated from a likewise free haven, but in the meantime have grown into their story. It does remind them of the need for such spaces in the city. Hotspots where young people really get power. Moreover, both houses are each in one way or another connected with the history of Het Lintfabriek, based on their own specific history.


Using interviews and unique photo material, the story is told of different generations of young people who time and again transformed Het Lintfabriek into a magical place. At the same time, the book is also an investigation into what such a free haven can mean in the 21st century. The book is more than a historical approach. It is also a plea for new free havens in the city. A handbook for those who want to claim space.


Nico Dockx* monitors the progress and layering of the project as an external process supervisor. Wim De Beuckelaer is responsible for the final editing and a collaboration has been found with Ersi Varveri for the design. In addition to interviews with some key figures such as Peter Daems, Ronny Lambert, Katrijn Sermeus, Steven van Crombruggen and An Blommaert, lots of unique visual material and a history by Eric Bouwens, there are also contributions from Jeroen Olyslaegers, Louis Volont, Kurt Overbergh, Herbert Struyf and Raphael Pirenne.

The first 250 copies will receive a unique Dennis Tyfus cover (a screen-printed poster). The book will have between 400 and 450 pages and will be published by Stockmans Art Books.

Support, finance, guidance and motivation comes from the Royal Academy of Fine Arts, Het Bos, Trix and Stockmans.

* Nico Dockx (visual artist) lives and works in Antwerp. He starts from a fundamental interest in archives and structural processes such as data, memories, information, distribution and management. He is also a researcher at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts Antwerp


The project is presented on the website You get a first impression of the book and you can leave your own memory of Het Lintfabriek. You will also be able to follow the progress of the project and discover the various events that will be organized at different locations by the launch of the book (estimated around March 2022).


The first 250 unique copies of the book (limited and hand-numbered on 250 copies / unique cover, silkscreen by Dennis Tyfus / name of the buyer is included in the book) were sold out in just one day!