Demo Club: feedback on your tracks

Turn up in the Demo Club! Because together with a small group of other starting artists and under the guidance of Youniss Ahamad or Charline D'hoore, we listen to each other's demos, explain our working process and dissect our songs. We give each other feedback and learn from each other. In this club we together create a safe environment to give each other input, with clear boundaries and respect for each other.

Need feedback on your tracks? Every last Wednesday of the month. Participating is free, just register beforehand! 

— Wednesday 28 February (19h-21h) with Youniss
— Wednesday 27 March (19h-21h) with Charline
— Wednesday 24 April (19h-21h) with Youniss
— Wednesday 29 May (19h-21h) with Charline
— Wednesday 25 September (19h-21h) with Youniss
— Wednesday 30 October (19h-21h) with Charline
— Wednesday 27 November (19h-21h) with Youniss