DOE MAAR / organising in Trix

DOE MAAR / organising in Trix

Organizational talent and good ideas in abundance? Ready to get started with your own event? We say DO IT!

Under the wings of Trix, we regularly select young, starting organizers to develop their idea with a complicated approach.

We make our stage available and provide the necessary assistance along the way, including budget management, production and communication.

A big party, a subdued listening evening or a real masked ball? There is no such thing as too crazy. Are you someone with a big heart for music and do you see a connection in the existing event circuit? Would you like to shine a light on an underexposed genre of thinking about a groundbreaking new concept with us? Let us know! Everything is possible and everything is allowed, and we like to think and collaborate.

Trix is a place where we want to show the world what is alive, bubbling and vibrant in music culture. Without blinders and with a focus on young talent, a broad view of the world and a nose for the undercurrent.

We regularly place open calls for new organizers. Keep a close eye on our website and social media. There is currently no open call.

In the run-up to their event, the selected young organizers work closely with team Trix to develop, among other things, a budget, a musical program and a communication plan.

Each selected organizer will receive a place in Trix for their event, with a view to long-term collaboration and supportive support where possible.