DOE MAAR / organising in Trix

DOE MAAR / organising in Trix


 Got an idea for an event, but organisationally need a few pushes?
We say DOE MAAR (DO IT)!
Under the wings of Trix  you, as a young, starting organiser, work out your idea with a musical approach.
deadline: 23 January 2022

You do your thing. We make our stage available to you and offer you the necessary help along the way with regard to budget management, production and communication. A big party, a modest listening evening or a real masked ball? There's no such thing as too crazy.

Trix is ​​a place where we want to show the world what's bubbling and bustling in music culture. Without blinders and with a focus on young talent, a broad view of the world and a nose for the underground.

Submit your idea and surprise us! In springtime we give four projects the space to develop their ideas and organise their event at Trix.
You can sign up between 15 December 2021 and 23 January 2022 via the submission form.

On Saturday 29 January, the jury will receive a pre-selection for a pitch moment, and they will choose 4 ideas that will go through a tailor-made process in the spring of 2022 and organize their event in Trix.

In the run-up to their event, the selected young organisers work closely with team Trix in developing a budget, a musical program and a communication plan.

In April and May, each selected organizer will be given a place in Trix for their event, with a view to a long-term collaboration and further support where possible.