Venue rental

Looking for the perfect place for your event, meeting, film shooting or PA rehearsal? Then you should definitely consider Trix. We are happy to support you both technically and logistically. 

With a capacity of 1100 people (standing) and a big stage (12m wide, 10m deep, 1,12m high), the Trix Hall is ideal for large concerts, parties and corporate events. The wide stage and the different levels in the public area guarantee an excellent view to the stage from every spot. A basic set of lights and sound is available, extra material van be provided on request. 

Based on are experience of many years, we are happy to advise you in all aspects of organising large events on this location. Please contact us for more information:

Our strengths

- Extensive catering facilities;
- Great accessibility with both car and public transport;
- High standards in lights & sound equipment;
- a high dose of Rock&Roll.

PA Rehearsals

Bands who want to optimise their live sound can book one of our venues for PA rehearsals. 


Because every event is different, we like to offer you a custom-made solution. For more information, an appointment or an offer, please contact us through