'Dokter Trix': Find your audience

'Dokter Trix': Find your audience

Get one-on-one advice from the music industry's best experts!

Is there a doctor in the room? Yes, even several! Do you have a pressing question about promotion, management, finances, bookings, playing opportunities or do you need some feedback? Consult the best experts in the music sector and have a one-on-one conversation!
During this session you will discuss all your questions about finding your own audience. How do you build an audience, both online and offline? How do you get your music onto digital platforms and how do you find your own artistic identity? Book your session!

Find Your Audience
These doctors are on November 29th between 13:00 and 17:00. A session lasts 20 minutes.

Book your session with one of these experts:
- Tina Herbots (Visual artist at Rockoco, management of blackwave, Aili, ...)
- Sami Abdou (Top Notch, label of Leblanco, De Jeugd van Tegenwoordig, ...)
- Amélie Van Hoorebeke (Les Fabuleux, promo agency of Dry Cleaning, BLUAI, Ibrahim Maalouf, Merol, ...)
- Lotte De Block (Sony Music, label of Pommelien Thijs, Lost Frequencies, Sylvie Kreusch & Eefje de Visser)