'Dokter Trix': Pitch your music

'Dokter Trix': Pitch your music

Get one-on-one advice from the music industry's best experts!

Is there a doctor in the room? Yes, even several! Do you have a pressing question about promotion, management, finances, bookings, playing opportunities or do you need some feedback? Consult the best experts in the music sector and have a one-on-one conversation!

During this fourth session you will discuss all your questions about making music. Stuck in a song? Do you need a creative sounding board? Do you want feedback on a track? Book your session!

Pitch your music

These doctors are on November 15th between 13:00 and 17:00. A session lasts 20 minutes.

Book your session with one of these experts:
- Charline D'hoore (producer, composer & musician with Pommelien Thijs & Mayorga)
- Aili Maruyama (artist and face of Aili)
- Tim De Gieter (producer, engineer & musician with Doodseskader & Amenra)
- PICVSSO (producer of Freddie Konings & DIKKE)