Workshop: How Music Works / with Justine Bourgeus

Workshop: How Music Works / with Justine Bourgeus

This workshop is unfortunately canceled

Music is the language of our hearts! But how does music actually work? Always wanted to know about melody, harmony and rhythm and how all these things together can form a song? Why do some songs touch your soul and others not? In this three-part workshop series you will learn the secrets of how music actually works by none other than Justine Bourgeus (Tsar B). She takes you into the wonderful world of big hits and small songs, so that you too will soon understand better how musicians, composers and producers make their music.



For whom? Anyone who is older that 15 years. You don't need any knowledge about the subject beforehand. 

When? On Mondays 4, 11 and 18 April, from 19h30 to 22h30.

Teacher? Justine Bourgeus (Tsar B)

Price? €50 (incl. service fees)
15% discount if you are younger than 26 years old.

We offer concession spots to anyone in need of them. 
Please send an email to

Please note that this course is given in Dutch.

This course will take place in a small group of about 9 people. 
Trix strives to be an inclusive place where there is absolutely no room for any form of hate or discrimination. 

/ Artwork by Vincent Fourrel