Dit concert is afgelast. Er komt geen vervangende datum, tickets worden terugbetaald.

Het statement van Frankie Rose:

"Dear fans and ticket buyers,
I am truly sorry we are unable to make the trip to Europe to play these shows you have so graciously set up. 
A key member of my band has a family emergency and he is unable to make the trip. If there was anyway at all the find a replacement I would , however  it is an extremely complicated setup and it is far too short notice to find a replacement. Unfortunately I have already bought the plane tickets and will take a big loss from this situation as well.
All I can say is thank you so much for putting time and energy into having me come out there, and I hope to make it out there as soon as I am able. 
You can get your tickets refunded from the original point of sale.  
Much love and see you soon I hope,
Frankie "

Voor fans van: Craft Spells, La Sera, Lower Dens, Memoryhouse, Wild Nothing, Veronica Falls

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