Team Trix


Trix is shifting towards a horizontal organizational structure.
A core team of coordinators takes the lead but can be supplemented by any member of the team who wants to discuss a project or agenda item. The working method is project-based.

Each member of the team can be a project coordinator or play a role in one of the projects. In addition to the regular position, a Trixer can also take on different roles in as many projects.

The starting point is that everyone's talent and expertise are given opportunities, because we’re convinced it enriches the functioning of Trix in all aspects of the organization. Ultimately, power is shared, both internally and in cooperation with external partners.
It is a continuous research into the ideal organizational structure to move smoothly as an organization in a rapidly changing metropolitan and international reality.


General Coordination
/ Dieter Sermeus

Finance & HR
/ Myrte ’t Jolle – coordinator finance and HR
/ Ann Aendenboom – accounting

Artistic programming
/ Stijn De Mulder – coordinator stages
/ Alban Sarens – coordinator 'Kelder' & online
/ Noémie Ntoto – coordinator artistic youth work

Communication, marketing & ticketing

/ Mike Harsdorf – coordinator communication, marketing & ticketing
/ Melissa Janssen – communication, social media, ticketing and project coordination online and 'Kelder'
/ Tom Vandenhove – communication, social media, ticketing and projectcoordination nightlife
/ Kurt Marx – coordination visual branding and graphics

/ Els Langouche – coordinator production
/ Ken Bernaerts – production manager
/ Dominik Boiy – head technician

Hospitality & rentals
/ Joep Slenter – coordinator hospitality and rentals
/ Charlotte Geudens – coordination volunteers and rentals
/ Floris Knockaert – catering
/ Joeri, Lena, Dominika, Racha, Maxim, Ise en Carolyn - students

/ Kristof Verhoeven – coordinator infrastructure
/ Michel Huybrechts – building managements

Board of Directors
Ann Kermans (chair), Luc Roegiers (vice-chair), Katrien Goossens (secretary), Pieter-Jan Symons, Youniss Ahamed, Matthias Dillen, Bart Van Put, Mathilde Luyten, Kenneth Stoclet and Hendrik De Rycker

General Meeting
Silke Bergans, Ann Soetewey, Hendrik De Rycker, Johannes Genard, Joris Jonckheer, Kenneth Stoclet, Sami Abdou, Saraya Richter, Yannick Rigo, Jarri Van der Haegen, Stijn Lemaire, Ann Kermans, Luc Roegiers, Katrien Goossens, Pieter-Jan Symons, Daniel Regan, Youniss Ahamed, Mathilde Luyten & Matthias Dillen

We are not going to name them all here, but they are more than indispensable. Would you like to become a Trix volunteer yourself? Here you will find all the information.