QUESTIONS ABOUT KELDER (rehearsals, studio, ...)

/ What is the price for a rehearsal space?
All information, prices, time slots and the availability of our rehearsal spaces can be found here.

/ Do I need to bring my own equipment?
Every rehearsal space is equipped with a powered mixer, solid speakers and three microphones. Four spaces also have a drumkit with bass drum, snare stand (without snare) and hi-hat stand (without clutch), a bass drum pedal, chair, cymbal-stand, hi tom, low tom and floor tom. If you need any other materials, you have to bring it yourself.

/ How can I become an artist in residence myself?
We constantly select interesting bands and musicians and give them the opportunity to work out a targeted project.  If you would like to become an artist in residence yourself, we launch an open call every year!

/ Can I book a rehearsal space for a longer period of time?
Do you want to rehearse for a longer period (a week or longer) without interruption? That is perfectly possible. Please send an e-mail to If the period can be booked in, you will then receive a customized price offer.

/ Is it possible to storage my equipment in Trix?
If you book a rehearsal space in Trix very often, it can be wearisome to constantly bring your equipment to Trix and back. Luckily our Kelder offers several storage spaces which can be rent for €25,- per month.

Note: all of our storage spaces are fully booked at the moment. If you want a spot on the waiting list, email

/ I’d really like to record a demo in your studio, is this possible?
Yes, this is possible! You can rent our studio for a specific period or project. It is also possible to reserve the studio per hour (with a minimum of a 2-hour session). You only pay €45 per hour (€40 for -26 year olds), including a technician.  The cost to record a full demo in one day (10 hours) is €350 (€300 for -26 year olds). In order to book the studio please send an e-mail to More information can be found here.