Anders & Friends
/ AkB / Chapp De Mic Showcase / HipPoprockstars Showcase / Morane / Yung Stealy + special guests / Slickstick / Blackspy

Anders & Friends

Meet the talent of tomorrow! ANDERS & FRIENDS invite MORANE / YUNG STEALY / AKB / BLACKSPY & SLICKSTICK, along with a Chapp De Mic and a HipPoprockstars Showcase!


/ 19u30: Doors

/ 19u45 - 20u10: Chapp de mic showcase

/ 20u15 - 21u25: HipPoprockstars showcase

/ 21u30 - 21u55: Morane

/ 22u00 - 22u25: Yung Stealy + guests

/ 22u30 - 22u55: AKB

/ 23u00 - 23u55: Anders & friends

/ 0u00 - 0u30: Blackspy (DJ set)

/ 0u30 - 1u00: DJ Slickstick

Anders & Friends

Anders is well on his way to becoming one of the most prominent producers in Belgium. After international and national collaborations with thousands of big and small artists, Anders is all set for live shows and DJ sets where he invites befriended artists on stage.

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Chapp De Mic Showcase

Chapp The Mic is a project by musician and producer Yeboah Benhelima (AKB). The Chapp the Mic initiative gives young artists the opportunity and freedom to discover and showcase their talents. This can be through music, storytelling, poetry, photography, dance, ...

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HipPoprockstars Showcase

HipPoprockstars is an Antwerp-based HipPop label. In less than two years, it obtained millions of streams. The label houses several Belgian artists*, including AKB, Class-E, Omari Bravo, Bex, Kudjo, Jackie Chey, , J.Bo Blackspy, Club destiny and many more!

On 16/12/22 you can expect some live music from:

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Morane is a 20 year old singer-songwriter from Antwerp. On her first singles 'BOO' and 'Reach it' she meanders confidently through jazz, neo-soul and hip-hop. MNM Urbanice and Bruzz recently invited her, and now it's time for her Trix debut!

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Yung Stealy + special guests

Yung Stealy has been around for a long time as a producer and beatmaker. He has been on the rise for quite some time and has earned his place in the Flemish scene through various collabs and featurings. 

For this performance, Yung Stealy will bring along several special guests to take the stage.

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