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Digital and analog magic with playful instruments like PVC flute, microKORG, cello, ...

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/ 08.30 pm - 09.30 pm: @

/ HiFive
Concert series of international acts in the Trix Café on the verge of a breakthrough. The admission price is deliberately kept low by € 5. However, if you buy more than one ticket in advance, they will become even cheaper! For example, you will only pay € 15 for five tickets. Quality does not always have to be expensive. HiFive!


For fans of

Brittle Brian, feeble little horse, Greg Mendez


@ infuses digital and analog elements seamlessly in their debut album, "Mind Palace Music," defining it as "hyperfolk." The record strikes a balance between the comfort of familiarity and the thrill of innovation, avoiding self-indulgence. Filipczak notes, "We were pretty aware of trying to make something well-crafted that would hold up." Collaborating from Baltimore and Philadelphia, Filipczak and Rose, currently performing as a 4-piece band, bring their recordings to life with an instrumentally diverse live set, featuring flute, PVC whistle, microkorg, cello, bass, and melodica played by members Nino Soberon and Nina Ryser.

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