Avalanche Kaito / Vermin Twins

Avalanche Kaito / Vermin Twins

Double bill of energetic post-punk/no-wave from Brussels, led by a griot from Burkina Faso & The psychotropic sounds of the boundary pushing Vermin Twins

/ 19h30: doors open
/ 20h15 - 21h00: Vermin Twins
/ 21h30 - 22h15: Avalanche Kaito

For fans of

Horse Lords / El Khat / Oren Ambarchi

Avalanche Kaito

Vermin Twins

The Vermin Twins seek for chaos in harmony and beauty in debris, they distil the essence from dirt and junk. With this premise they attempt to build a new universe, challenging the limitations of our imagination and the resources at hand. The result of this journey is an album full of lawless woodwinds, scruffy percussion, laughing flutes, eerie vocal acrobatics and tired old electronics, cheerfully lounging together in a cozy pool of rubbish, multiplying by the minute.

POP”, there 2022 album, ventures into primal territory and sonic wetlands packed with brooding life. This unspoiled saga takes you on a psychotropic safari, where repelling smells cause feverish headaches and insects consume you alive, yet you don't want to quit and get sucked in deeply before you know it.

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