A vibrant blend of chillwave and sophisti-pop

- 7:30 PM: doors open
- 8:30 PM - 9:30 PM: Brothertiger

/ HiFive
Concert series of international acts in the Trix Café on the verge of a breakthrough. The admission price is deliberately kept low by € 5. However, if you buy more than one ticket in advance, they will become even cheaper! For example, you will only pay € 15 for five tickets. Quality does not always have to be expensive. HiFive!


For fans of

Millionyoung, Teen Daze, Small Black


Picture a car ride with the windows down through the desert. Or surfers riding epic waves. Or a suburban street lighting up with streetlamps. Now, enter the world of Brothertiger, the Brooklyn-based electronic artist, and his fantastic new album. It's a mix of chillwave and sophisti-pop, a sound journey that's equal parts retro and futuristic. With vintage synths and newfound inspiration, he's created tracks like "Dancer on the Water" and the spiritual exploration of "Heaven". This album is like a sonic daydream for wanderers and romantics. It's all about good vibes and embracing the playful side of music.

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