The all-female* rave collective Burenhinder returns to Trix with experimental club pionier Ani Klang.

All-female* rave collective Burenhinder was set-up at the beginning of 2021 with the aim of creating a platform to celebrate femininity through loud electronic music. Now they return to Trix with Ani Klang ❀✧♥


23:00 OPEN DECKS ♥
00:00 LAURA CONANT ( @lau_c_n_n_t )
01:00 INSTAR ( @_cam_cool )
01:45 ANI KLANG ( @ani_klang )
02:45 MYU:SA ( @xlxksxndrx )
03:30 WALTUR ( @walt.ur )
04:15 LOLITA ( @lolailegems )

"It seems as if everything that is feminine should be sweet and soft and we want to break that stigma with Burenhinder", they say. “Women can spin the highest BPMs and make the biggest crowds rave.”

* Burenhinder uses an inclusive definition of the word feminine and welcomes trans, genderqueer, intersex and non-binary people in their collective.

At their events they strive for a safe space where everyone can be themselves. Self-expression without being judged on your looks, gender or ability.

Attention! This event is exceptionally only accessible to +18 year olds. Age will be checked at the entrance, refusal does not entitle you to a refund.

artworks by Marieke