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Not the fizzy drink, but the deadpan post-punk band

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Cola started collaborating in fall 2019 when Tim Darcy and Ben Stidworthy, both formerly of Ought, reached out to their friend Evan Cartwright, who they had frequently met on the road while he was drumming with various other projects. The band’s organic chemistry solidified quickly after a few sessions of jamming in-person. Then, as the pandemic began, they were forced to decamp and write songs separately. Working in solitude ended up becoming a “defining color as well as a barrier” to the album, says Darcy.

Deep in View” is the band’s debut album. Titled after philosopher Alan Watts’ anthology of the same name, the record is built on a foundation of elegant guitar grooves and knotty rhythms, offering commentary on modern life and technology through curious lyrical vignettes, where quotidian objects and scenes are never just as they seem. "Deep In View" is equally a product of introspective songwriting as it is a consideration of the abstract landmarks of an increasingly media-mediated society. It also presents the most concise and melodic songs Darcy and Stidworthy have written to date.

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