Dijf Sanders ^be^ / Kameel ^be^

Dijf Sanders / Kameel

An adventurous trip through soundscapes and technobeats.

/ 7.15pm: doors open
/ 8.00pm - 8.45pm: Kameel
/ 9.00pm - 10.10pm: Dijf Sanders

This concert is part of Pump Up The Jam, our Corona proof concert series (seats in bubbles, mouth masks, circulation plan, ...).

Discover our full ‘Pump Up The Jam’ program here.
Changes are always possible due to new corona measures.

Dijf Sanders be

Kameel be

Musical hurricane Kameel is the energetic trio of Patrick Steenaerts (guitar), Hans Mullens (bass) and Geert Roelofs (drums). Their debut album Barkas was released at the beginning of this year. A very idiosyncratic and very dynamic debut album with instrumental compositions full of experiment and beautiful melodies. Sometimes they're danceable, at other times they're capricious, crooked or angular, but always without compromise. They draw influences from progressive rock, jazz, psychedelia, avant-garde pop, ambient and blues. In short: genre bending!

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