Disorientations / WHORSES

Disorientations / WHORSES

Exciting double bill with two promising bands. Brace yourself for a melancholic, dark 80s sound where new wave, noise, and alternative punk converge. Plus noiserock blended with influences from jazz and blues.

/ 07.00 pm: doors
/ 07.30 pm - 08.00 pm: VAAG
/ 08.25 pm - 09.10 pm: WHORSES
/ 09.35 pm - 10.30 pm: DISORIENTATIONS

For fans of

Bat Eyes / Peuk / Lag√ľna


Post-punk band Disorientations is back with the album 'Lost Today', out on April 19, 2024 on [PIAS] Recordings.

After their critically acclaimed debut album ‘Memory Lanes’, they start jamming endlessly while searching for a new musical shape that combines their harsh emotional sound, the raw rhythmic power and the captivating vocals with more in-depth songwriting. 'Lost Today' is a collection of introspective haunting songs and embodies the compelling moods and emotions of the members of the band.

Overall, their music is a translation of contradictions in life. They muse about the intense attraction and repulsion of loving people around us and the appearance of rough emptiness when you lose something fragile. By experimenting with additional guitar layers and atypical song structures, their new music opens up an exciting path towards an alternative and mature sound that seems to reconcile the sharp bursts of noise rock, the melancholic atmosphere of post-punk and an airy wall of sound reminiscent of the early 90s shoegaze vibe.

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In the name of all that is ugly and harsh in music, the band WHORSES has been commanded by sound wizard Micha Volders to transfer their life struggle into sound waves.”

And thus they did. “Wheels Up”, the follow-up to their self-titled double debut album, is an amalgation of mental tsunami’s caused by sudden changes in personal life and a celebration of all that is too toxic to live by.

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VAAG rocks as the ultimate (post)punk/no wave sensation from Kortrijk/Ghent! 4 hardcore & punk buddies, known from bands like HAEMERS and HITCH, pour all their energy into this band.

In the fall of '23, they hit the studio for their debut EP 'Paniek!', set to release this spring. 

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