Fatal Move
/ Mindwar / Surge Of Fury / Mark My Way

Fatal Move

Fatal Move is celebrating their 10-year anniversary and they are bringing along some friends to do so!

/ 19u30 - 20u00: Mark My Way
/ 20u10 - 20u40: Mindwar
/ 21u00 - 21u30: Surge Of Fury
/ 21u45 - 22u30: Fatal Move

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Fatal Move

Hauling from Merksem (Antwerp), Fatal Move started out in 2009 and was immediatly known for its hard-hitting hardcore and passionate vocals from the very beginning. 

Lyrically covering all that concerns and worries them and their peers, their high energy on stage performances gained them a notorious status in no time. One thing’s for certain: Fatal Move is out to leave their mark on the local and international scene and they won’t stop ‘till they’ve won over every last one of your souls!

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A hardcore band from the city of Lokeren has come to slay your earholes with a devastating sound of mosh melodies. Mindwar is a 5-piece mosh brigade that brings a combination of straightforward hardcore, groove and heavy riffs.

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Surge Of Fury

Surge Of Fury is the new-school hardcore band of choice. Their music hits hard and the singer's deep and tense voice gives the band's compositions an intensity and energy that reminds us of Ryker's, a German hardcore punk band. A concrete sound, a sharp rhythm section and biting riffs are the essential ingredients of this band that carries the hardcore banner loud and clear.

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Mark My Way

Hailing from the H8000 region, Mark My Way brings metallic hardcore with slight hip-hop influences since 2012. The lyrics are positive-minded, while they like to discuss darker themes.