Fiesta de Amor
/ Viva Los DJ's

Fiesta de Amor

Sensual beats by Viva Los DJ’s and love in the air!

Get ready to spice up your Valentine's Day at this epic free afterparty, presented by the one and only Viva Los DJ's! Join them for a night of pulsating beats and love-soaked classics at Fiesta De Amor. Prepare for an evening filled with passion, romance, and tunes that'll make your heart skip a beat. Whether you're riding solo, rocking it with your partner, or just want to vibe with friends, everyone's invited to soak in the love.

Viva Los DJ's

Welcome to Viva Los DJ's, the unique duo composed of Aron Wouters and Finn Waters. Their shared passion for pop, trash, and kitsch comes alive in an unparalleled mix of summer jams, sing-along moments, and bad romances. For a memorable evening with the best music, Viva Los DJ's is the place to be. Don't miss out!

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