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The iconic Scottish singer-songwriter-musician Fish will also pass by Trix during his farewell tour!
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Derek William Dick from Edinburgh became known as the singer and songwriter Fish of the neo-progressive rock group Marillion. With this he wrote history in the eighties, as evidenced by the mega-success of the songs 'Kayleigh' and 'Lavender'. Together they made it seven intense years, during which the tall Scot often wrote heavy and complex texts full of symbols and imagery. That would remain a constant later when he went solo, even though he started to focus more on folk and pop songs.

Many years and albums later - his latest achievement is the globally acclaimed 'Weltschmerz' from 2020 - Fish is now starting his farewell tour. After five sold-out Dutch shows and pleas from fans, the Scottish singer and musician is now also adding Belgian concerts to his 'Road To The Isles 2024-2025' tour. He has put together the most ideal band line-up for this, with old acquaintances and co-writers: keyboardist Mickey Simmonds, guitarist Robin Boult, bassist Steve Vantsis, drummer Gavin Griffiths and backing singer Elisabeth Troy Antwi.

Fish himself says about the tour: "We are rehearsing around 25 -30 songs to give us enough material to bring in and out of the set when we want, which keeps it interesting and fun for us as well as the fans who won't know what songs will be played on the night they come to. The setlist will be covering 12 solo albums and of course there will be material from my time with Marillion. There's a few epics from that time that I'd be remiss if I ignored and to be honest, I'm actually looking forward to revisiting a couple of those tracks."

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