Gold Panda
/ Niels Orens

Gold Panda

Sunny and emotional electronic music from Essex

/ 19u30: doors
/ 20u15 - 20u45: Niels Orens
/ 21u15 - 22u30: Gold Panda

For fans of

Baths, Mount Kimbie, Shlomo, Four Tet

Gold Panda

Hailing from Chelmsford in Essex, Gold Panda started writing beats and collaborating in 2009, beginning a decade-long journey that has seen an award winning and zeitgeist-defining debut record, a nomadic follow up and a third record that found himself re-centering himself emotionally and musically via a spell in the far east. He recently released a new collection of songs “The Work”.

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Niels Orens

A cello, serious bass, exciting electronica. Niels Orens is out to explore the boundaries of electronic music.