Hannah Diamond / MECHATOK
/ special guests: Promis3 & waltur

Hannah Diamond / MECHATOK

Four acts that will take over Trix Club from evening to night and will transform it into a real neo-rave temple!

/ 7.30 pm: doors open
/ 8.15 pm: Promis3 (live)
/ 9.30 pm: Hannah Diamond (live)
/ 10.30 pm: Mechatok (dj set)
/ 11.30 pm: Waltur (dj set)

For fans of

Arca / SOPHIE / Charli XCX / CHVRCHES / Shygirl

Hannah Diamond

Hannah Diamond (born 20 June 1991) is a British singer and graphic designer based in London. She has released ten solo singles on the PC Music record label since 2013, and her single "Attachment" was called "bubblegum hyper reality" by Stereogum. Her music often develops an aesthetic of heavily produced cuteness in tension with sincerity. Diamond has been one of PC Music's more serious attempts to establish "a new kind of popstar". She released her debut studio album, Reflections, on 22 November 2019.

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As a teenager living on the outskirts of Munich studying classical guitar, Timur Tokdemir began to explore club culture on his trips to Berlin, which ultimately led him down to a different path. Rather than pursuing a career in classical music, Tokdemir relocated to Berlin and released his first EP “See Thru” that put him on the radar of the international electronic music scene. Starting out with collaborations with Yung Lean and Palmistry he soon had amassed a catalogue of euphoric, minimal pop nuggets. After touring the States, Asia, South America and Europe even before he hit the age 21, Tokdemir materialized his unique style in earnest on 2018’s stark All My Time, released on Lorenzo Senni’s Presto!? imprint to wide acclaim. With brightly colored synths and only a whisper of percussion, it advanced Senni’s template and pushed it into further corners of the globe, touching on dancehall and other global pop sounds. The following years he continued his exploration of new angles on pop and electronica by putting out undeniably catchy collaborations with Bladee and Ecco2K, video-game soundtracks such as 2020”s “Defective Holiday” and mixes that all make use of his unmistakable handwriting. In the end of 2021 Mechatok released a collaborative album with Bladee, followed by a remix album that featured Charli XCX, Evian Christ and more.

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Promis3 are Andras Vleminckx & Brent Dielen, the queer Belgian duo making mind-bending and ethereal cyborg-pop for fans of the likes of Hannah Diamond and Sega Bodega. Today they drop their latest single, the mesmerising 'Don't Wanna Fall in Luv', available as a Bandcamp exclusive until Friday. Read more on Last.fm. User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional terms may apply.

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Ariana aka waltur is an Antwerp-based gabber kick-loving DJ that manages Burenhinder, an all-female art and rave collective striving to give local female artists a platform. She champions the group's signature hardcore sound, bringing together everything from poppy neo-rave to 90s hardcore classics to even the nastiest terror kicks.

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