/ Boskat


With 'INFOCALYPS' the Dutch punk collective is bursting with strength after pandemic times. And yes, there are also all the hits like 'Lekker Belangrijk' and 'Ze Smelten De Paashaas'.
For fans of

De Raggende Manne, Belgian Asociality, Rowwen H├Ęze, CPEX



One may notice BOSKAT as a loud, fun, and energetic Rock duo. Call it Pop-Punk or the revival of Grunge, but the truth is that BOSKAT lives on the edge of burnout and intense pleasure - the essence that Rock and Roll is all about. The sometimes darker themes in the lyrics of lead singer and guitarist Vincent combined with intense heavy but also playful RATM-inspired riffs cut through every daze or daydream you might find yourself into. Sometimes over-the-top, but always in-your-face: if you don’t crowd surf out of the room after a show, at least you’ll be back on your feet. 3,2,1 - BOSKAT!

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