/ Boskat


With 'INFOCALYPS' the Dutch punk collective is bursting with strength after pandemic times. And yes, there are also all the hits like 'Lekker Belangrijk' and 'Ze Smelten De Paashaas'.

/ 19u30: Doors
/ 20u00 - 20u30: BOSKAT
/ 21u00 - 22u45: Heideroosjes
/ 22u45 - 23u30: Captain Kaiser (Free aftershow)

For fans of

De Raggende Manne, Belgian Asociality, Rowwen H├Ęze, CPEX



One may notice BOSKAT as a loud, fun, and energetic Rock duo. Call it Pop-Punk or the revival of Grunge, but the truth is that BOSKAT lives on the edge of burnout and intense pleasure - the essence that Rock and Roll is all about. The sometimes darker themes in the lyrics of lead singer and guitarist Vincent combined with intense heavy but also playful RATM-inspired riffs cut through every daze or daydream you might find yourself into. Sometimes over-the-top, but always in-your-face: if you don’t crowd surf out of the room after a show, at least you’ll be back on your feet. 3,2,1 - BOSKAT!

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