Henry Moodie

Henry Moodie

Bedroom-pop that hits you right in your feelings

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Henry Moodie

Henry Moodie’s first single was an instant hit. The 18-year-old manages to strike a sensitive chord with his heartfelt bedroom-pop. For Henry, a level of emotional vulnerability has always been inextricable from his art. Indeed, he first took up guitar at the advice of his psychotherapist mother, who encouraged her three children to find an outlet through which to channel their feelings. By the age of 12 he was spending every breaktime in the school music room teaching himself piano or penning diaristic song sketches. Meanwhile, at home he was steadily building a following on YouTube and Instagram, covering songs – and subsequently getting approval from – his musical heroes, including Taylor Swift, Sam Smith and Ed Sheeran. With his two singles “You were there for me” and “Drunk Texting” taking the world by storm, he is now ready to release his debut EP.

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