Joppe Bestevaar ^be^ / Wout Gooris / Stefaan Claeys ^be^
present: Landscapes + Monki Ninja

Joppe Bestevaar / Wout Gooris / Stefaan Claeys

Delicious jazz double bill in an intimate setting, on the stage of our Zaal.

Wout Gooris & Stefaan Claeys present Landscapes. Joppe Bestevaar presents Monki Ninja.

Joppe Bestevaar be

What has been maturing last year is slowly crawling out of its cocoon. Joppe Bestevaar blows the oppressive fabric off your shoulders with a warm glow.

With saxophone, bass clarinet and fx he creates sound fields to dream away. Put your ears in the hands of this saxophonist. He immerses them generously and caringly.

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Wout Gooris / Stefaan Claeys be

Expansive minimalist landscapes arise in Stefaan Claeys' installation when he translates the improvisations of Wout Gooris to the canvas with paint and more. Gooris sings with a focus on overtones and accompanies himself on Indian harmonium and synthesizer. The result is a trip for ear and eye.

In the past, artist Stefaan Claeys provided the artwork for albums 'Current' and 'Some Time' by pianist Wout Gooris. Working on the music, he created about 50 pieces for this. This special collaboration urged for a closer follow-up.

Wout Gooris: vocals/Indian harmonium/synthesizer
Stefaan Claeys: artist/installation

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