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Young Belgian band for fans of Bright Eyes, M. Ward and Big Thief.

/ 07.30 pm: doors
/ 08.15 pm - 09.00 pm: Stoop Kid
/ 09.15 pm - 10.30 pm: Junior

For fans of

Wilco / Bright Eyes / Big Thief / Andy Shauf / M. Ward


Junior is a six-piece indie rock band that has been making waves since the release of their well-received EP “Are We There Yet?”. With the upcoming release of their debut full album, "Eternal Stumble," in early 2024, Junior takes up the mantle of adulthood as it promises to showcase the band's growth and evolution. With even more personal lyrics and captivating songwriting, "Eternal Stumble" is a record that cranes its neck back to the past but cruises the open road, wide-eyed and in the face of new beginnings.

The band’s music can be described as a blend of Indie rock and Americana, with influences drawn from the likes of Bright Eyes, Big Thief and Alex G. And this while still maintaining an authentic sound that’s characterized by their rich arrangements, intimate lyrics, and heartfelt performances.

Eternal Stumble will be released February 9, 2024 on Thirty Something Records

Listen to their first single “Song For A Fiend”


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Stoop Kid

Stoop Kid, a Diest-based musician, ventured into jangly indie-rock after years of guitar-gigging. He recorded two EPs and formed a live band before the pandemic hit. With newfound time, he created "Camp Careful," a 10-track album exploring themes like depression and social anxiety. Stoop Kid secured residency at Maastricht's Muziekgieterij in 2022, upgrading from home demos to a professional studio for the upcoming "Mount Cope." This album, releasing in 2023 under V2 Records, tackles life post-depression, turning 30, and diverse musical influences from 60's pop to 00's punk rock. 

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